Project #4

Twin View Homes


This project is a two home new construction development in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia. The homes each contain 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, garage, brick fa├žade, and a large porch that speaks to the language of the neighborhood.


The Roxborough Neighborhood Conservation Overlay, passed legislation establishing new construction standards to preserve the historic character of neighboring streets. This two home development project needed to fully embrace this legislation and create homes that not only conform with the language of the block, but contain modern features that make the project marketable in a difficult real estate market.


A tribute to the character of this historic area, 4425 & 4427 Mitchell are sun-drenched homes that uniquely offer the benefits of new construction with the attributes that make the neighborhoods of Manayunk and Roxborough great. These two homes each contain 4 bedrooms, with a 3rd floor flex space, 2-1/2 baths, and finished basements. To boost the value and marketability of these homes, they each have a one car garage, which is hard to find in this neighborhood. These homes contain some great features, typically only found in Center City new construction. Both have rear roof decks with a skyline view, full height basements, and modern, bright finishes. Designed to complement nearby existing homes, each house features a large porch, traditional brick facade, and mansard inspired roof. Inside, the finishes were selected to compliment both the modern and traditional aspects of these homes. The white shaker style cabinets stretch to the ceiling in the kitchen, and a large custom barn door was hand crafted to enclose a 2nd floor bonus room. While the garage does take up some of the first floor square footage, having both this bonus room and a fully finished basement, adds to the flexible use and spacious living area in these homes.

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PROJECT No:004 LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
SIZE:2,600 sf
DATE:2016 CLIENT:Green Truck Enterprises

design lead: United Makers


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