Project #9

South Philly Reconstruction


Reconstruction of home for local architect.


This client was an award winning Philadelphia architect whose vision was to remove all interior finishes to create an industrial appearance framed by modern and unique architectural elements. In order for this to be done, we had to create a contemporary and striking living space without the conventional wall, floor and ceiling finishes, leaving the utilities intentionally exposed.


In order to help the client create his dream home, we utilized the existing frame work and worked with reclaimed building materials. Simultaneously, we crafted modern, high end fixtures to accent each of the living areas. The most interesting and innovative part of the house was the reconstructed ceiling where the ductwork was fully exposed and the joists were stripped bare, clear coated and left completely open. The walls were exposed and restored brick, while the original radiators against the wall stayed in tact to remain consistent with the exposed facets of the rest of the house. The stair case was fitted with an open wire rail, unique to many rehabilitated homes found today. Portions of the existing kitchen tile were left partially finished and new tile was supplemented to create a play of old and new flooring types. Instead of utilizing the existing mill work, custom floating cabinetry was installed throughout the first floor, giving the walls custom built in storage. The final product successfully combined the exposed habitat of a warehouse with the efficiency and heart of a modern home.

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PROJECT No:009 LOCATION:South Philadelphia
SIZE:1,710 sqft

design lead: John Hicks


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