Project #15

Society Hill Reconstruction


Complete home reconstruction with high end finishes


This home is a condominium located in an affluent neighborhood of Philadelphia. The client was a radio personality who desired an extremely luxurious home with dramatic architectural design and finishing. Our team was put to the test, transforming the existing space into a chic and modish home while adhering to the conservative condominium association’s restrictions and policies.


Creating this luxury condominium began with gutting the entire home in order for it to be completely reconstructed. Once this was done, we were able to recreate each room with an open layout and high ceilings - the living room having 25 foot ceilings and the most spacious layout. The rear of the home consisted of a wall of windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling. This “glass house” effect let in a great amount of sunlight, and set it apart from all other condominiums in the community. Other rooms were fitted with custom interior windows in order to spread natural light throughout the entire home. The kitchen consisted of a six inch thick limestone countertop as well as a Thermador appliance suite. In the bathroom, natural stone was used in place of the standard ceramic flooring and stylish plumbing fixtures were installed to bring it all together. What made this house especially unique were the unseen customizations - a secret room with a hidden door and other hidden compartments for organization. Among its architectural highlights was the custom sliding closet in the master suite - comprised of five 10 foot tall doors which slid along a 20 foot wall boasting enormous concealed closet space.

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PROJECT No:015 LOCATION:Society Hill, Philadelphia
SIZE:1,287 sqft
DATE: CLIENT:Private Owner

design lead: BW Design Group


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