Project #5

Rittenhouse Condo Customization


Customizing a condo in Rittenhouse Square.


This Rittenhouse Square client wanted to personalize their new space by increasing views of the skyline from their kitchen and adding storage throughout the home.


Prior to starting work in the condo, we met with the building managers and engineers to schedule and approve all work. We also consulted with various vendors to match existing finishes and coordinate the design and manufacturing of custom built-ins. Additonally, we coordinated with the client’s interior designer, R Squared Design, for scheduling and material selection, to ensure that our finishes coordinated with the designer’s furniture and lighting selections. In the kitchen, we removed cabinets that were blocking the views to the living room, and beyond that, skyline views. This new opening increases visibility and improves circulation between rooms. We repurposed the kitchen cabinets that were removed and reinstalled them in the kitchen’s pantry. We reconfigured the pantry to not only include these cabinets, but also a wine bar with a custom made cork countertop, and plenty of shelving storage. The master bathroom was also in need of more storage. We replaced the existing vanity with one that includes a tall storage cabinet and installed new tile, mirrors, and light fixtures to complete the look. Also within the master suite, were two small adjacent closets with big potential. By removing the wall that separated the two, we created a huge walk-in closet that was customized with storage, selected specifically for our clients needs. After reconfiguring the condo’s storage, we completed the upgrade by removing all carpeting and installing matching hardwood flooring throughout. All of the walls, trim, and doors received a fresh coat of paint and we accented the dining area and powder room with bold wallpaper.

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PROJECT No:005 LOCATION:Rittenhouse Square
SIZE:1,200 sqft.
DATE: CLIENT:Private Homeowner

design lead: R Squared Design, United Makers


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