Our 10 step process:

  • Do you have a sad house?


    United Makers is a full service home remodeling and building company. We will design and execute personalized solutions to meet any of your home remodeling needs. Are the fixtures and finishes in your home out of date? Are you outgrowing your space? Are you thinking about buying a fixer-upper? United Makers will execute the necessary changes to update, expand, and improve your space to give you the home of your dreams.

  • Contact United Makers...


    To start your home renovation project, contact United Makers today at (215)600-4535 or at info@unitedmakers.com.

  • We'll come by for a consultation


    We offer complimentary project consultations. Invite us in. Show us your space. We'll talk about how we can improve it.

  • We'll generate your estimate


    After your consultation, we will review the full scope of work and create a project estimate specific to your needs. After the estimate is agreed upon, work commences.

  • Survey existing conditions


    At this phase, we will take measurements and make note of all the details of your existing space. We will use this information to create drawings and design a space plan for the renovation work. This phase also allows us to determine type and quantity of materials needed.  For us, design and construction are an integrated system — we will create a design that is realistic but custom to each project.

  • Select fixtures and finishes


    Here, you will select the materials to "dress" your space. We will schedule meetings with our vendors and include you in each step of the material section. Many of these finishes include tile, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, paint colors.  Finishes and fixtures are separate from our labor estimate, allowing for flexibility in the budget to create a look that works within your price point.

  • Identify and remove unwanted elements


    Say goodbye to your old space! For some projects this may be just removing existing flooring, for others it means a complete demo of all interior walls. We will work with you to create a plan for removing, reusing, and repurposing unwanted elements and materials inside and outside of your home.

  • Install systems behind the scenes


    Here, we begin the construction process, framing out new walls and creating the infrastructure for your finished space.  The plumbing, electrical, and hvac are laid out and installed based on your needs and material selection.

  • Apply fixtures and finishes


    This is the finishing phase for all steps in the above process. The walls are painted, and flooring, cabinets, and light fixtures are installed.  In this phase, design, construction, and material selection meet to create the final product.

  • In the end, you'll have a happy house!


    And more importantly, you'll be a happy homeowner. Show off your new space to friends! Let us feature you on our website! Celebrate!

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