Project #18

Montrose Remodel


Existing home rehab and 3rd floor addition.


This project began as a two story, two bedroom, one bath home in need of expansion and a thorough, modernized rehabilitation. The interior as well as the exterior both needed to be completely reconstructed to provide more living space to make a more realistic and comfortable place to live.


Dramatic changes needed to be made in order to give this home the rehabilitation it needed, beginning with the existing faux stone facade. It was removed from the front and sides of the house and stripped down to the original brick and restored. Windows were also replaced to increase energy efficiency and comfort. Furthermore, the roof and back portion of the house were completely removed in order to rebuild the rear of the house and construct a large scale addition which included an entire new third floor with a fiber glass roof deck. As for the interior, all previous walls were removed and the entire house was reframed, including the basement. New oak hardwood flooring was applied throughout the house while the basement was finished with a Spanish tiled floor. The kitchen was redone with granite counter tops, a breakfast bar, ceramic back splash and stainless steel appliances. All bedrooms and bathrooms were redesigned, while the master bath boasted marble flooring with a whirlpool bath and dual head shower stall. At the end of the project, this home was turned into a stunning three story, three bedroom, two and a half bath home with a finished basement.

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PROJECT No:018 LOCATION:Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia
SIZE:1800 sqft
DATE: CLIENT:Private Owner

design lead: Henry Bailey


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