Project #14

Roxborough Rehab


Unique rehabilitation of historic victorian


This home was built in 1900 and attempted to be rehabilitated in the late 1950’s, but unfortunately it was poorly done causing unattractive results. United Makers wanted to give this house the restoration it needed in order to be a beautiful and efficient home while also keeping its unique and historic qualities.


Salvaged architectural elements from local demolitions were used in order to keep the period appropriate charm while at the same time incorporating high end electrical fixtures and finishes. The spacious kitchen with breakfast bar is custom painted, with a unique geometric pattern as the flooring. In the spacious bedrooms, existing drop ceilings were eliminated and replaced with raised ceilings which integrated the original trusts and joists as an architectural detail used for indirect lighting. Each bath is complete with exposed custom French plumbing fixtures, all with cast iron tubs and whirlpool air systems. The wall between the master bath and a small bedroom was reconstructed in order to expand the master bath and create a fully tiled French shower room and transform the small bedroom into a large utility room for the washer and dryer. Underneath one of the two rebuilt staircases was a closet which was turned into a quaint, custom French powder room.

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PROJECT No:014 LOCATION:Roxborough, Philadelphia
SIZE:2,010 sqft
DATE: CLIENT:Private Owner

design lead: Henry Bailey


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