Project #11

North Philly Historic Restoration


Historic restoration of an apartment building.


This mansion home built in 1915 was in a stage of deterioration before United Makers began this project of making it a multiple family building for student housing. It needed to be fully restored in order to be functional and consistent with the efficiency of today’s modern homes, while still maintaining its historic appeal.


To keep consistent with the historic charm of this block, exterior and interior details, including doors and trim, were salvaged, restored and reused. The collapsing stair tower was made structurally sound and completed with a restored ornamental sky light. Major structural repairs were done to the interior of the home as well as complete mechanical and electrical system updates in order to produce maximum efficiency in this large space. Historically correct renovations were done to the exterior of the property, including reinstatement of the slate and copper roof. This five-unit building, with three separate entrances and two open air balconies, now accommodates Temple University students.

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PROJECT No:011 LOCATION:North Philadelphia
SIZE:3,495 sf
DATE: CLIENT:Huntingtonshire Equity

design lead: Henry Bailey


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