Project #5

Rittenhouse Square Remodel


First floor remodeling of a Rittenhouse Square home.


Dated finishes throughout the home, such as carpeted stairs, old cabinets, and laminate flooring took away from the home’s charm in this historic neighborhood.


The first floor of this home had an old small addition at the rear which was utilized for the kitchen. We surveyed the existing conditions and determined, with the client, that the best solution for the space was the remove the wall separating the small addition. Demolishing this wall provided us with an open floor plan that allowed for the installation of a spacious kitchen with a large sink island. To bear the structural load of the wall that was removed, we installed a steel beam that was painted matte black. This added to the industrial aesthetic of the new kitchen, while maintaining a black and white color pallet.

Wide plank wood flooring was selected for the first floor of the home to replace the existing laminate flooring. The stair case carpeting was removed and the steps were reconstructed for safety and aesthetic purposes. The stairs on the floors above were refinished to create a cohesive look throughout the home.

In the kitchen, tall white cabinets stretch to the ceiling and are topped with crown molding. A large pantry cabinet provides the new kitchen with additional storage while concealing an old chimney. The kitchen’s countertops and tile are a focal point of this design. Dark soapstone countertops create a sense of warmth, and are contrasted by the glossy white tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling. A new basement door was installed to match the shaker-style cabinets and completes the kitchen renovation.

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PROJECT No:005 LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
SIZE:600 sf
DATE: CLIENT:Private owner

design lead: United Makers


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