Project #12

Graduate Hospital Rehab


Visually unique home rehabilitation and large addition.


This corner row home is located on a block where each home has similar exterior characteristics. The goal was to completely renovate the client’s home while implementing a radically different visual style to the exterior. The client desired for the interior and exterior of the house to complement each other


Instead of trying to reconstruct the front exterior of the home to coincide with the rest of the homes on the block, we contrasted it so that our intentions of making this home look new and modern were obvious. To increase living space and add uniqueness, we took the existing structure and completely removed the rear wall; creating a two story addition on the back of this traditional, turn-of-the-century home to give it a strikingly modern appearance. As for the interior of the home, we applied high end finishes and modern upgrades with a custom balcony integrated into the master bedroom. This balcony was brought into the master bedroom in such a way that the room had both interior and exterior space. In order for the interior to be in harmony with the exterior, we chose materials and a color pallet that was designed to flow into the rear of the house. Previously, the client did not make use of his backyard area; however after our balancing act, he now has the ability and desire to do so.

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PROJECT No:012 LOCATION:Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia
SIZE:848 sqft
DATE: CLIENT:Private Owner

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