Project #8

The Tailored Row of Fishtown


Design and construction of new single family homes.


To meet the demands of today’s competitive real estate market, we went on a mission to re-think the rowhome in both design and materiality. Our mission was to build a home that is uniquely marketable but still coordinates with the design language of Philadelphia.


These two new construction are part of a planned series of tailored row homes conceptualized by United Makers and Jeanne Whipple of Philly Home Girls, and designed by local design house, Interface Studio Architects. The Tailored Row houses are named for their spacious but organized floorplans and the smart, clean lines of their exterior facades. A primary feature of these residences is the distinctive and dramatic 30’ 3-story light well that extends to the roof deck, illuminating the stairwell and adjacent interior spaces.

This home is tailored to make real living comfortable in a contemporary structure. Like many Philadelphia rowhomes, the first floor houses the kitchen, dining area, and living room. To balance the multi-function use of the first floor and create areas of living space throughout the home, we designed the second and third floors to contain an open flex space in addition to the bedrooms. These homes are marked by expansive windows which continue the illumination of natural light and sense of openness throughout the home.

Materiality was a priority throughout the design phase. The facades are clad with mixed materials, a combination of corrugated metal and an ecofriendly siding, Resysta, which is a repurposed byproduct of rice and soy. This language of mixed materiality carries through to the interior, with warm oak hardwood flooring throughout, crisp white cabinets, and vintage-inspired metal light fixtures. We chose distinct but versatile fixtures, with plans to use this design as a model for further new home construction throughout the city. We currently have several more of these “Tailored Row” homes going up in a Philadelphia neighborhood near you!

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PROJECT No:008 LOCATION:Fishtown, Philadelphia
SIZE:2,000 sqft each

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