Project #7

Package 35 of Temple


Contemporary new construction homes for student housing.


The challenge of this project was to design and construct a successful prototype for low maintenance and modern style rental properties in the area surrounding Temple University’s main campus. United Makers teamed up with Newport Property Group on this valuable investment opportunity in an area where newer and efficient homes are scarce and therefore desirable to renting students.


This venture began with one home. After this design and construction prototype proved to be successful, we went on to construct over 40 more in the immediate area.

The development process began when United Makers and Newport Property Group acquired “Package #35” from The Philadelphia Housing Authority with the intention to uplift the neighborhood. This package of lots and deteriorating homes were in desperate need of new development in this Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood. We took on the task of all design and permit acquisition for each property, and built a rapport with the City of Philadelphia in the process of planning this massive improvement project.

Each of these homes are multiple-unit buildings which share a similar floorplan design, with the option for upgrades based on lot size and client participation. The standard model is equipped with a front porch, balcony, dual front entryways, eat-in kitchens, and a large open living space.

The use of a prototype construction model allowed us to partner with Newport Property Group to pre-lease all new construction units. This, in addition to the durable features and contemporary design, attracted a pool of investors to purchase these pre-leased rental properties. Our development of new properties in this area is ongoing and our product continues to evolve to meet new requirements and expectations of our clients.

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PROJECT No:007 LOCATION:Northeast Philadelphia
DATE: CLIENT:Newport Property Group

design lead: Henry Bailey


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