Project #4

Cantrell Commons of South Philly


A development of 9 homes, each with off-street 2 car parking.


Utilize an 11-home lot to create affordable new construction with parking, a rare and valuable feature in Whitman neighborhood of South Philadelphia.


On this narrow street in South Philadelphia, parking is scarce. This lot sat abandoned waiting for the right construction solution that would best suite the existing residents and the future home owners. To make the homes range in affordability, we decided to build 9 homes, with 3 models of differing levels of upgrades. The site could fit 11 homes, however, in an effort to respond to the neighborhood and the future home owners’ needs, we chose to create a shared driveway on either side of the row of homes, leading to 2 car parking in the rear of each residence.

Drenched in natural light, this 3 bedroom home features an open floor plan with hardwood floors, front Juliet balcony & recessed lighting throughout. The first floor houses the kitchen, dining, and living areas, with a sunken living room, designed to provide some spatial separation in this open floor plan.

Materials were carefully chosen, to be contemporary but versatile in this traditional neighborhood. The exterior façade is clad in a combination of metal and brick, which speaks to both our portfolio of work and also the color palate of the existing homes on the street. This language of mixed materiality carries through to the interior, with the option to upgrade to warm oak hardwood flooring throughout, crisp white cabinets, and vintage-inspired metal light fixtures. This use of contemporary materials, combined with designated parking, set these homes apart in a challenging real estate market.

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PROJECT No:004 LOCATION:South Philadelphia
SIZE:900 sqft each
DATE: CLIENT:Lancashire Equity, LLC

design lead: Henry Bailey


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