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Suite Row


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The Suite Home project is a 20+ home development project in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. A Suite Home is an architecturally crafted row house, designed specifically for the blocks of Cumberland and Jasper, boasting unique features and tiered finish options.


With a project of this size, we recognized a need for tiered pricing and finish levels to make the homes more competitive in the real estate market. In this developing neighborhood, we anticipate that congestion in the area will grow, and we want to take steps with these homes to ensure that buyers have longevity in these new homes.


The Suite Row homes are available with custom options and finish levels to meet the needs of potential buyers. Custom upgrade options include a finished basement, fiberglass roof deck, and a fully upgraded kitchen with high-end appliances, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. In addition to these optional home upgrades, we have also added parking to Phase II of this project, on Cumberland Street. 1840-50 Cumberland will have a shared rear driveway from the corner property, with parking spaces at the rear of each home. In order to accommodate the added parking, we have adjusted the floor plan, we partnered with Inhabit Architecture to reconceptualize the design. While the floor plan adapted a new design, we will unite the homes on the adjacent blocks with similar exterior geometry and materials.

For all phases of this project we worked with the East Kensington Neighborhood Association to acquire zoning variances and ensure that we are meeting the needs of this quickly growing neighborhood. We are happy to be leading development in this area and creating new homes for Philadelphia residents.

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PROJECT No:002 LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
SIZE:2,200 sf
DATE:2016 CLIENT:Blue Truck Enterprises

design lead: United Makers and Inhabit Architecture


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