Project #13

Norristown Apartment Restoration


Restoration of a large and outdated apartment building.


This enormous and completely outdated apartment building was in need of some major TLC. Being that it was a large building, we had to work extensively with Norristown Borough to ensure that the fire codes and many other regulations were brought up to date.


The exterior of this enormous building was custom painted to keep it looking clean and contemporary, while the yards on the sides and rear of the property were properly landscaped to create a lovely common area with enjoyable views. The dilapidated interior of the home and all of its fixtures and finishes were redone. We made sure this outdated building was in compliance with the current building codes, so occupancy and safety would never be an issue. This involved redoing the interior stair tower and many other parts of the building. Previously rundown, this property was turned into a fully functional and desirable multiple-unit apartment building in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.

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PROJECT No:013 LOCATION:Norristown, PA
SIZE:10,456 sf
DATE: CLIENT:Cambridge Blue Development

design lead: Henry Bailey


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