Project #2

Christian Street Mixed-Use


A complete renovation of an investor-owned mixed use building in Graduate Hospital.


This investor-owned property was in need of a total renovation in order to attract new commercial and residential tenants. The building’s interior needed to be reconfigured to accommodate two residential units on the upper floors, with a large commercial space on the first floor. An affordable but attractive finish package was needed to maximize revenue, while still attracting tenants in this desired neighborhood.


Before beginning construction, we worked with client’s architect and L&I to gain approvals for the proposed work and obtain all necessary permits. The upper two floors were converted into two bedroom residential rentals, with a commercial office space occupying the first floor. We aimed to use contemporary, clean fishes that also had durability to provide the owner with a low-maintenance property. In the commercial space, new large store-front windows were installed to illuminate the interior space with natural light and provide new tenants with a real presence on the corner of this block. Immediately after construction was complete, tenants began to occupy the renovated spaces, allowing the owner investor to fully see the profit potential.

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PROJECT No:002 LOCATION:Graduate Hospital
SIZE:2,696 sf
DATE: CLIENT:Private investor

design lead: Bruttaniti Architecture


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