Project #3

Chabaa Thai Bistro


Manayunk restaurant, Chabba Thai, relocated to a larger space on Main Street to accommodate a growing following of diners. With the larger square footage, they also added Binto, a market and café. United Makers partnered with restaurant owner, Moon Krapugthong, and ReVision Architecture, also of Manayunk, to renovate this building interior to fit this favorite Thai restaurant. We enjoyed partnering with these fellow Manayunk businesses to reopen a much larger and modernized Chabaa Thai.


ReVision Architecture designed a highly detailed and customized interior, to compliment the Thai dining and new market. Many aspects of the design required highly custom carpentry, and highly detail-oriented installers. This custom interior, coupled with the challenges of renovating an older building and meeting the needs of restaurant equipment, were the focus of this project.


Our specialized carpenters worked closely with our project management team, and the designers at Revision architecture to custom build specialty fixtures and finishes for the new Chabaa Thai restaurant and Binto market. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by two large custom pagoda structures that enclose booths for an intimate and comfortable dining experience. Wood lines the walls, adding warmth to the interior. The suspended fabric panels on the ceiling and color changing LED lights that illuminate the large Buddah are the focal points of the space, which celebrate the custom nature of this interior. In the market, a large hand crafted shelving system was created and installed to display items that are for sale, and a custom counter was installed at the window for casual seating. The custom details of this project continue from hand painted signage to unique light fixtures. United Makers enjoyed constructing this warm and engaging space, allowing a Manayunk favorite to reopen and add to the flavor of Main Street.

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PROJECT No:003 LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
SIZE:1,500 sf
DATE:2016 CLIENT:Chabba Thai Asian Bistro

design lead: Re:Vision Architecture


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