Project #1

True North Townhomes


This expansive development project was constructed in phases along 7th and Fairmount Streets in Philadelphia. This large scale development project consists of 17 new construction single family homes, 3 unique new construction triplexes, and the renovation of a large historic building, which we converted into 10 rental apartments. The project began with the multi-family building renovation, and continued with new construction which fills the block at 7 th and Fairmount Avenue.


This project utilized a mostly unoccupied block, which presented a challege to the design team to create a new tiny neighborhood within the block, that also speaks to the surrounding area. A project of this size also creates challenges in construction, marketing, and sale of these new homes.


This project fills in a gap in a developing Philadelphia neighborhood with 26 new contruction dwelling units, housed in 17 townhomes and 3 triplexes. The site design incorporated parking and open green space, as well as an existing 19th century building which was renovated as part of the project. The design of the homes unifies the buildings, while providing significant light penetration and private roof terraces for each home. The triplex buildings are anchored at the corners of the block, completing the new network of housing. Recognizing the scale of this development, we divided the project into two main phases, which allowed us to gather feedback from prospective buyers and offer options as we pre-sold the properties throughout construction.

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PROJECT No:001 LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
SIZE:20+ home development project; 2,600 sq ft each
DATE:2016 CLIENT:Franklin Development Corp.

design lead: Interface Studio Architects


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